Thoughts from 2015 and for 2016


Despite the trend of creating resolutions, I decided I would do something different during this transitional time of the year.

I found this wonderful photo on Tumblr and decided this would be far more beneficial than just creating the same resolutions from years past.


Looking Back at 2015…

My biggest accomplishment…becoming pregnant despite not knowing I was for three months.


My nicest memory…watching some of the most wonderful young people graduate and take their steps into the next phase of their lives.


My favorite book and film…

I usually can only think of the most recent films/books I’ve partaken in, but I enjoyed them none the less.

Book: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins 22557272

Movie: “Creed”


My biggest challenge…coming to terms with the changes in my life that I didn’t plan.  I’m very much a Type-A personality, so when I cannot have control, I tend to become quite agitated.  Learning to make lemonade out of lemons, or better yet, not seeing the flow of life as lemons in the first place is something I want to work on for the upcoming year.

I learnt…how much I truly wanted to be a mommy after so many years of not being able to make that happen when it was my focus.  Life’s surprises often highlight what you never knew could be possible.

I travelled to…Michigan for Thanksgiving.


I failed in…trying to give up my addiction to Bravo/Real Housewives.  #SorryNotSorry

Looking Ahead to 2016

My goals for this year…

  • Continue with my healthy pregnancy and deliver a beautiful baby boy in March
  • Grow my Scentsy business
  • Take more time to enjoy the true joys in life

I want to continue…my current reading streak of getting in a few dozen pages each night.

I want to try…cooking more during the week.

I want to stop…and enjoy peaceful times instead of trying to cram “to-dos” into every “free” moment.

I want to learn…one new recipe per week.

I want to travel to I want to begin…again…running after my body has healed from the delivery.

I promise…to never give up on my 2016 goals, no matter how I may stumble and get stuck at times.

Less and More in 2015

Ah, New Year’s Resolutions.  We love to love and hate you.  I love to make them, but I get frustrated because I want certain outcomes, but don’t always know how to make them happen.  For example, I am trying to lose those last few pounds and keep them off; how original.  I feel like I’m pretty healthy as it is, so what else is there left to do but stay consistent?  I want to read more books, but how will I actually incorporate that time into my day?  Create everyday.  Sooooo…create everyday?  Oy!  Aaaaaand now I’m overwhelmed.


While sifting through blog postings about New Year’s Resolutions, I came across Erika’s “Less & More in 2015” from All Things E.  Her process of developing her own resolutions led her to creating two lists: Less and More.  How simple.  How complete.  THANK YOU!200 (1)

In 2015, I want less of these things in my life:

  • Negativity – I want to let go of trivial things and do so in a faster, lasting manner.
  • Skipping days at the gym
  • Nighttime snacking
  • Artificial sweeteners

In 2015, I want more of these things in my life:

  • Reading time.  My goal is to read 50 books this year.
  • Genuine interactions with people.  Technology is a facilitator, not a replacement.
  • Gratitude Lists
  • Creative Outlets – My bullet journal and new crafting room will make this possible.
  • Cooking at home
  • Daily flossing – time to be an adult, I guess

Reflective Teaching Challenge Day Seven:

Day 7

Who was or is your most inspirational colleague, and why?

Inspiration comes in so many different forms: exemplifying the characteristics of teaching that you want to implement or improve upon, creative lesson designing, technology implementation, ability to connect with students, professionalism, and sometimes even by providing the example of what you don’t want to emulate.  I am fortunate enough to have had paragons in all these categories throughout my career.  When I reflect upon which educator provided me with the most inspiration, I would have to identify a two people, a married couple whom I worked with while teaching on St. Paul Island, AK.  I will refer to them lovingly as Mr. and Mrs. Inspiration.

When I think about the qualities that make up a true educator, Mr. and Mrs. Inspiration come to mind immediately.  An educator who is dedicated to both their students and their mission as an educator to the point of this dynamic couple is simply the most that you can ask of a teacher.  In their case, it was just the beginning of what they gave to their students.

Living on an island in the middle of the Bering Sea is just about the most gutsy, challenging assignment that anyone could ever have regardless of profession.  I say this because I experienced it, but only for a short two-year period.  This dynamic couple did so for over ten years.  Knowing that the students who attended this school would be some of the most challenging with a high level of apathy towards school, these two also knew that these same students who were ready to give up on themselves had an untapped potential that Mr. and Mrs. Inspiration zeroed in on.

Thousands of miles from traditional technology and resource, Mr. and Mrs. Inspiration became creative, resourceful and sought the tools and assistance that would turn St. Paul Island into an education center.  Additionally, they created and promoted several after-school programs, events, athletic teams, and fundraising programs that would allow the students and families to have the best educational experiences possible.  This would cause Mr. and Mrs. Inspiration to devote their time to ensuring these activities were available, morning, evening, and weekends.  And it was all done without hesitation, frustration, keeping tabs on what they did versus others, or personal-gain agendas.  It was all done out of the goodness of their hearts, knowing that they were giving back to students just a small piece of what they deserved.

Today, I can proudly say that I keep their giving examples in my heart and mind when I look into the eyes of my students.  I am so grateful for the time that I spent on Mr. and Mrs. Inspiration’s team, so blessed to call them friends.