Weekly Goals: Midweek Update

Happy Thursday!  I love a good Thursday.  It’s not quite the weekend, but you can appreciate both the days you have put in so far and look forward to the few days off ahead.


Today is a work day for my students on a project that I can’t wait to share with you.


Update on my weekly goals:

1.  70 ounces of water a day.  CHECK!  I have a plastic water pitcher that I’ve marked off in two-hour intervals, and when that is combined with my before and after-school water, I’ve reached my goal each day.

2.  5 days of exercise per week.  

Monday: Upper Body

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Cardio

Friday: Low Body (planned)

Saturday: Cardio (planned)

Sunday: Rest (planned)

3.  Vacuum the house and car.  This is only halfway done.  The floors in the house are done, but the car still needs a good shaking out, but the trip to see this sunrise was SO worth it!

Sunrise 1

4.  More veggies, fewer pretzels.  Done!  I have done a really good job of sticking to my healthier snacks.  I have really enjoyed my cucumber/tomato/carrot/cottage cheese snacks.  I even turned it into a meal with a turkey burger on the side a few times.

More of this:Random 2

and less of this:


Photo Dump

We all have random photos in our cell phones, which can bring back hilarious and quizzical memories.  I finally took the time – AKA remembered – to sync my phone to my computer and found several such photos.  What better way to walk down memory lane than to do so with you??

His and Her Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

Random 3 Random 4

We were invited to a Halloween party this weekend, and I decided to take advantage of my “delicate condition” and make a custom costume.

Here is the inspiration for our costumes:


Sadly, the party was rescheduled due to the flu epidemic running rampant throughout the host’s household, but at least we are prepared for the 31st.

Gifts from Students

Random 5

There’s no denying that I have the best students in the world.  They also know the quickest way to my heart, after studying and completing their homework.  This was a care package for the Mister and myself.  I was more than happy to share with the rest of the class, but kept the Reese’s and soda for myself.

Halloween Social Costume

Random 1

Remember those sweet and awesome students I mentioned?  There was a middle school Halloween costume social on Friday, and a few of my high schoolers volunteered to help.  This is one of their very creative, yet creepy costumes.

Healthy Eating Inspiration

Random 2

I’ve been trying to eat as healthy as possible, but any pregnant woman will tell you that between your cravings, tiredness, and desire to make life as easy as possible, sometimes that just doesn’t happen.  I’ve tried to read as much as possible about the best foods that are richest in vitamins for pregnant women, but sometimes a visual reminder is better.  I’ve started taking pictures of my meals to remind me to make the best choices for my baby and myself.