Week Thirteen Baby Bump Update

Welcome to Week 13!

13 Weeks

13 Weeks Dress

I have to be honest, there hasn’t been a lot of changes from Week 12 to Week 13, as you can see from my pics below:

12 vs 13 Dress

Symptoms:   Luckily I’m still feeling really great.  I have times during the day in which I feel really tired, physically, and I need to sit more often.  Fortunately, I have very understanding students and co-workers who have been super sweet to me.  I’m still going to bed fairly early.  Friday and Saturday nights I stayed up to almost 9:00pm, so there’s a victory: one for me and one for Michigan State over the Oregon Ducks!

Changes to My Body:  Still no weight gain, but I will tell you it doesn’t feel that way.  I feel as though I’m on the verge of developing a visual bump in the next two or three weeks.  My clothes are fitting a little bit differently, but I think that’s due to a few over-indulgences in the carb realm as well as a slight reduction to the intensity of my workouts.

Weight Gain: None

Workouts:  I took a break from doing strength training this week and focused mainly on my morning walks.  Mentally, I just wasn’t into hitting the gym.  I went back this morning for the first time for a low body workout and I feel great!   Here’s what I did:

2nd Semester Low Body

Cravings:  Root beer, berries, and pretzel chips.  I’m finding my “Ohhhh that sounds good!” brain goes more towards salty treats than sweet.  Don’t get me wrong; I can eat the mess out of some sugary goodness.  There are some truly sweet women at work who have taken me under their wings since finding out I’m pregnant.  Last week, I was presented with this plate of heavenly goodness:

Turkish Delights

I somehow managed to bring a piece of that cake home to Dan.

Aversions: None! #Winning

Overall I’m Feeling:  Eager.  I am excited that I finally was able to share our amazing news with our loved ones.  We are planning on a trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving, which will be the first time seeing most of our family since the spring, and I could not be more excited!!

Purchases:  I ordered a onesie that I thought was perfect for my husband.  He’s an absolute XBOX fanatic!  Player 3

It’s a 0-3 month size, so I think we’ve discovered the “coming home from the hospital” outfit.

In other baby-related shopping, my mom and I went to Barnes and Noble to snoop around for a bit, and I picked up the next book in the “What to Expect” series: What to Expect in the First Year.

What to Expect First Year

I also wanted to look for a book for my husband.  He’s been so incredibly supportive during my pregnancy, and I know that he will me an amazing father.  The more general knowledge that we both have about what life will be like when we bring home Baby Ferrari, the better parenting team we will be.  I ended up finding him a book that appealed to both his sense of humor and desire to be as educated and prepared for baby:


Caveman’s Guide to Baby’s First Year (via Goodreads)

Congratulations! You’re a father. Now what?

The follow-up to the hysterical bestselling Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion.
You managed to survive pregnancy without getting hit in the face by a blunt projectile hurled from your wife’s sling. Now the birth of your baby has ushered in a bewildering phase where your crude, uncivilized, and underdeveloped ways will surely be put to the test. Offbeat and humorous but full of useful tips, Caveman’s Guide to Baby’s First Year will lead you from a Fatherhood Aptitude Test to the 10 Commandments for Cro-Magnon Fathers to a Yoga Party (quasi-erotic yoga poses designed to reduce stress and stimulate the body). Along the way you’ll find candid advice on all topics, from the mechanics of breastfeeding to baby proofing the home to instructions for toys even a caveman could make himself.  So if you’ve been wondering what to do now that best thing that ever happened to you happened, leading to an anxiety-ridden life of no sleep, no sex, and more time picking out formula than ordering beer, fear no more! There have been quite a few advances since you first stepped out of your cave (vaccinations, infant massage, and baby sign language to name a few) and it’s all here, accompanied by charts, diagrams and other illustrations straightforward enough for you to get your Paleolithic head around.  

What I’m Reading:I noted earlier this week that I’ve been reading Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and how much I’m enjoying it.

I’ve continued to read about setting up flexible structures and how to approach a crying baby.  I know there are a million different philosophies on both topics, and each parent will make the best decision for their child, and I’m far from an expert about parenting, but I appreciate the gentle and humane methods of viewing parenting and your baby that Tracy Hogg presents.

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

Week Twelve Update

12 Weeks Blue Shirt

When I first started my Baby Ferrari blog, I knew that I wanted to document my growing belly baby by taking a weekly photo in the same outfit to show the changes.  I got this idea from both Pinterest and Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers.  The above picture looks almost exactly the same as the first photo I took, which has been updated to represent the accurate timing:

8 Weeks Blue Shirt

4 Week Change

I definitely like my hair at Week 12 better.

I also ordered my first maternity dress from thredUP, a wonderful consignment website that allows women to sell their gently used clothing and other spend-thrifts budget-conscious customers to take advantage of the deals.  I decided that I would also like to have a picture of my growing belly in this dress:

12 Weeks Dress

Want to know a secret? I had to use a series of clothes pins to allow the dress to be more form-fitting for this picture.  All sorts of neat tricks up my sleeve!

Now that the pregnancy is almost near the start of the second trimester, I am planning on doing a better job of taking those weekly shots!


Symptoms:   Fatigue/Extreme tiredness in the evenings, tender and growing breasts, increase in gas/bloating (lovely), two weeks of headaches at the beginning.

Changes to My Body:  The only real change to my body has been in my chest.  Around weeks 6-10, my chest was very tender to the touch, and my cup size nearly doubled.

Weight Gain: None

Workouts:  I’ve stopped all running/jogging and replaced my cardio with a a combination of speed walking and the elliptical machine.  I’ve found that I still do the same routines when I do strength training exercises, but I have been drinking a TON more water and I have to stop and rest between sets to catch my breath and keep my heart rate at a good pace.

Cravings:  Root beer, berries, and one night only I couldn’t get the idea of a juicy, greasy burger out of mind mind.  Chili’s to the rescue!

Aversions: Around week 6, I had about 3 days of aversions to raw vegetables and any fruits other than bananas.  I’ve been back to my old routine ever since.

Overall I’m Feeling:  Extremely lucky that my “issues” only lasted a few days and have been feeling wonderfully the rest of the time.

Purchases: I took some advice from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers and purchased Preggo Pops.  I haven’t really needed them for nausea, but they have been used quite a bit; four onesies, and fabric to customize our nursery.

What I’m Reading: BLOGS, BLOGS, and more BLOGS!  Pinterest has been incredibly helpful! I’ve also started reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but have also purchased a copy of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn by Penny Simkin.