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Friday Link Up

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Reflective Teaching Challenge Day Fifteen: My Strengths


Name three strengths you have as an educator.


1.  I believe that one of my strengths as an educator is my ability to connect with the students.  This doesn’t mean that I know how to joke or clown with them, show interest in their after-school activities, or even ask them how their weekend was.  That’s one area of connecting to students and letting them know that they are valued and important.  I mean to take this further by saying that I feel as though I am able to understand what their needs are as students, struggling learners who don’t always grasp things on the first explanation or who have comprehension issues.  I was a good student, but I wasn’t an intelligent one.  I have my areas of aptitude, but every A that I earned was built upon hours of developing studying techniques, rereading and rewriting notes, every single night.  Because I struggled myself, I believe that I am able to connect with the vast majority of young people who sit in my classroom.

2.  Creativity and resourcefulness plays a vital role in the success of any educator’s career.  I believe that I have a keep eye when it comes to creating projects, learning experiences, and interesting approaches to delivering instruction.  I am constantly searching the Internet and my favorite websites for resources to enhance what I already have developed.

3.  One aspect of teaching that is sometimes overlooked is teacher dedication.  I believe that my stubbornness, my determination and “Put On Your Big Girl Panties And Deal With It” attitude has served as much of an asset as any other that will be mentioned.  Teaching is a tough job.  It’s one that requires an immense amount of time, handwork, mental toughness, and determination.  It’s also one of the least appreciated professions, both in how teachers are compensated and the amount of respect we are given by the public, government officials who arbitrarily pass laws, parents, student,s and sadly sometimes administration.  My mother deserves 100% of the credit for the development of my dedication to my profession; she never let me rest on my laurels and as much as I disliked her for it when I was a teenager, I give her continual thanks and unending love for it as an adult.  Without it, I would be in a different career, no doubt.