Wednesday Confessions

It’s Wednesday and I’m so excited that the week is half over.  In an effort to help get through to Friday, I am going to make a few confessions.  I know, I know.  I am such the innocent angel, what could I possibly have to admit to???

  1.  Today is my planned Rest Day, and while I had the extra time to be productive (pay online bills, setup my schedule for next week, grade papers, update grades, etc.) I decided to watch three of my guilty pleasure TV shows that had been stored on the DVR.
  2. I was so tired last night that I went upstairs to bed to read at 6:30pm.  I did not see the hour hand move over to 7:00.  
  3. I haven’t washed my hair since Sunday morning…and I don’t think it’s going to happen today either. 
  4. I kinda want to read David Spade’s memoir, David Spade is Almost Interesting 
  5. I finally watched/listened to Adele’s new song “Hello.”


Tuesday Morning Confessions

I have to confess some things to you this morning.


1.  Tonight is my very first book club meetup, very first time meeting all of the girls in it, and I did not finish our book, Cloud Atlas.


I asked you last week, via poll, what I should do about this shameful situation, and I agree with you: my game plan is total honesty.  I’ll just promise promise to finish the next book (as long as it’s not another 500 pager).

And I promise to you guys that I WILL indeed finish reading Cloud Atlas because once I got past a few of the cookier chapters, it’s actually a really good book and has been able to keep my attention, which isn’t easy to do as a book.


2.  I indulged in sweets last night.


Our friend, Chris from Pittsburgh, who visited us over the weekend brought a little something for Dan and I for hosting him.  He bought us a bag of Peanut Butter Cup flavored popcorn from a shop called, appropriately, Pittsburgh Popcorn.


Let me just say that I’m 1,000% thankful that this shop is all the way up in Pittsburgh because I could do some serious wardrobe damage with this stuff!  Just checkout the list of the upcoming flavors:


I would give my hand for a bucket of that Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt!  Oh wait!  I’m supposed to be sad about this….hold on…


And let me tell you, after a week of not having the hardcore sweets, my body definitely responded to the extra sugar in my system…didn’t like it.  It was a good reminder of my goals.

But I won’t be too hard on myself…at least I tattled on myself, unlike these shameful mugs: