Book Polygamy: Day Two

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Two days in, and I’m still REALLY enjoying my experience of rotating titles, utilizing Swapna Krishna’s strategy via BookRiot.

Tips for Reading Multiple Books:

  • Yesterday, I was able to spend a great deal of time getting started, which I highly recommend.
  • What’s also key is to find titles that you genuinely want to read.  “Want” could be altered to be “Required to” if it’s for work or a class.
  • Stop at a natural end point.  My intuition tells me when I’ve read enough to need a break, but I also don’t want to stop too soon.  50 pages is a good chunk for myself, but you have to go with your gut.
  • If you need a break from one book, take it.  I am at that point with A Game of Thrones.  I am fully aware of what is about to happen, and emotionally I’m not ready.  I’ve left my “Chunkster” book to be caught up on either today or tomorrow, which gives space for other books.

I haven’t talked about the podcasts that I’m listening to, but I thought I would share some.  Disclaimer: these podcasts are specific to my personal interests and in no way shape or form indicate that the content is necessarily brainfood.  I choose podcasts to keep me entertained during tasks that aren’t necessarily the most pleasant: driving long distances, workout out, cleaning & doing laundry.

Logo-3000-220x126 If you’re a fan of “True Detective” and are either as confused as I am, or want to know more about the hidden messages and themes, listen to BaldMoves’ podcast.  They also do a great “Game of Thrones” podcast.  Spoilers are WELL identified


I really enjoy NPR and their podcasts.  “Ask Me Another” is very similar to “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” because both are trivia platforms, but this is more about smart word puzzles, and less about current events.

10984617_956330387722405_8559269893434037037_nThis is a total guilty pleasure podcast about my guiltiest and most surprising obsession: the Real Housewives franchises.  Two men, based out of California, recap and riff on the weekly showcase that Bravo has to offer.  Sometimes I start watching a new series just to be on the inside of Ronnie and Ben’s jokes.  Hilarious!

What I Accomplished Over Break

In less than 24 hours, the majority of teachers across the country will be heading back to work, like most who have been on vacation, including our students, with a sigh and weighted-feet.  I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but who doesn’t love the freedom that time off from work provides?  Right now, I am 67/33 about going back.  I thrive on routine, I am energized by my career, and tomorrow doesn’t seem so bad.  Talk to me right after my alarm clock goes off and it might be a different story.

Alarm Clock

These past two weeks have been rejuvenating, rewarding, and have provided me ample reminders about gratitude and what is truly important in life: family and love.

I’ve also had a great sense of accomplishment with the time off.  I’ve been able to check off many tasks on my To-Do/Want-To-Get-Done-Someday list.

What I’ve Accomplished Over the Holiday Break

A 5-3-1 of Our Holiday Cruise

Five photo collages







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Three books I read while I was at sea

download Not That Kind of Girl Yes Please

One beautifully festive ship: