Building A Child’s Library

Books were the foundation for many of my childhood memories. I was the little girl who was already reading, putting in purchase orders of at least $20 each time my teacher passed out those tissue-paper thin Scholastic catalogs, and to this day I struggle to choose which one book to start reading next.  I loved reading to my family, and would insist on having them read to me.

I have the entire yellow-bound Sesame Street book collection.

I have the entire yellow-bound Sesame Street book collection.


Does anyone else remember/have these books???


The Little Golden Story book golden-spine series. I can’t tell you how many of these I have!


One of my favorite Little Golden Book titles was There’s a Monster at the End of This Book.

As important as books were to me, I am hoping to pass the same sentiment onto my son, which is why I added many of my beloved titles to his registry.

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I know that these aren’t books for toddlers, but that will come along soon enough.  I am hoping that my son gets as much enjoyment from reading these books as I did.



Wednesday Confessions

It’s Wednesday and I’m so excited that the week is half over.  In an effort to help get through to Friday, I am going to make a few confessions.  I know, I know.  I am such the innocent angel, what could I possibly have to admit to???

  1.  Today is my planned Rest Day, and while I had the extra time to be productive (pay online bills, setup my schedule for next week, grade papers, update grades, etc.) I decided to watch three of my guilty pleasure TV shows that had been stored on the DVR.
  2. I was so tired last night that I went upstairs to bed to read at 6:30pm.  I did not see the hour hand move over to 7:00.  
  3. I haven’t washed my hair since Sunday morning…and I don’t think it’s going to happen today either. 
  4. I kinda want to read David Spade’s memoir, David Spade is Almost Interesting 
  5. I finally watched/listened to Adele’s new song “Hello.”


October Goals

Happy October 1st to everyone!

It seems as though autumn has begun to hit the rest of the country with the exception of Florida.  It’s still fairly humid, rainy, and HOT!  It doesn’t make me want to join on the pumpkin spice, bonfire, apple picking, and sweater-weather bandwagon.

I won’t deny that my Michigan-made heart is jealous of the seasonal transition that is going on up north, but my Florida-transplanted feet know that in about one-month, I’ll be grateful for where I am.

Because it is the 1st of the month, and I love a natural “reset” day, here are my personal goals for October:

October Goals

I don’t have any baby/pregnancy-specific goals because we are slowly but surely working towards getting the basics taken care of for the nursery.