Due Date and Lists

Today is my due date, y’all!!!

I’ve been emotionally ready for this baby for awhile, but now that the nursery and baby furniture is prepped, we have moved into our new house, and I’m solidly on my maternity leave, he needs to pack his uterus bags and get-ta-movin’!

I’ve been implementing some home remedies for inducing labor, and tomorrow I have my 40-Week OB appointment, so hopefully I will receive some positive news that things are progressing towards welcoming our son.

Pregnancy Lists

There are as many lists of recommendations, rules, and what-to’s for pregnant women as there are new lives being welcomed into the world.  I’ve got my fair share pinned to various Pinterest boards.  They’ve been incredibly helpful as I’ve tried my best to be as prepared and conscious of all the best practices during pregnancy and once our little man arrives.  They inspired me to create my own set of lists, chronicling the last days of my pregnancy.  Here are some of the topics that I included:

  1. Things I’m looking forward to about being a mom
  2. Books we will read together
  3. Questions I’ve had about pregnancy
  4. Names that were on our list – boys and girls
  5. Items on our baby registries
  6. What I will miss about being pregnant
  7. What I WON’T miss about being pregnant
  8. Worries I’ve had
  9. Movies we will watch together
  10. “Firsts” I am looking forward to
  11. Outings we will go on
  12. Foods and drinks I enjoyed during pregnancy
  13. Things to record in the baby book
  14. Things I want to teach my son
  15. Songs on Baby’s iPhone playlist
  16. Hospital bag goodies
  17. Summer Bucket List
  18. New Baby Boy Tips
  19. Values I want to instill in my son
  20. Projects for the new house/nursery
  21. Toys/decor from our childhood that we will pass along
  22. Traditions to establish as a family
  23. Exercises I did during pregnancy
  24. Books/Blogs I read during pregnancy
  25. Special moments during pregnancy


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