Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks and 5 Days

How far along? STILL PREGNANT!

Ok, guys it’s confession time: I thought if I skipped the Week 39 post, Baby Boy would show up.  Yea, well…here we are at 39 Weeks and 5 Days and I’m still pregnant.

According to “What to Expect” and their app, Baby Boy is the size of a watermelon, and is around 19-22 inches and 7.0 lbs.

Total weight gain:  Enough to cook a proper baby boy, but I will say that my weight has stayed consistent for the last three weeks, so…there’s that.

Bump Alert: FULL alert!

39 Weeks 5 Days

Maternity clothes? Exclusively maternity!  I have had trouble finding comfortable clothes lately but refuse to spend another dime on  maternity clothing.  Baby will be here soon enough and then I’ll have my choice of SO many t-shirts and yoga pants during my postpartum days.

Stretch marks? Still moisturizing and still luckily stretch mark-free!

Sleep: I am so relieved to tell you that it’s gotten so much better!  I still wake up once during the night, but I am able to get back to sound sleep.

Workouts: I reduced my daily steps goal to 10,000 steps instead of 15,000.  I still reach the higher number most days, but as long as I reach my goal, I am happy.  The strength training sessions have come to an end, but I’ve been doing a lot of stretches that have helped to keep me limber.

Best moment the week: There were many, mostly centered around the move to our new house.  Saturday was especially special because Dan and I assembled a few more pieces of the baby’s furniture.  Maybe the baby will sense that things are really, really, REALLY ready for him, so pick it up, Buttercup!

Baby Goodies

Food cravings: No cravings, but my appetite has decreased quite a bit.  I am only able to eat small portions, mini meals I suppose, because of the lack of room for anything other than Baby!

Labour signs:

Symptoms: Still with the dry skin, but the swelling in my feet has gone almost completely away.  I attribute this to a reduction of stress from finally getting the new house together and organized.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie despite the belly growth.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and tired and READY!

Mom Advice

11 Natural Ways to Induce Labor via

Waiting for Baby?
Your due date is an educated guess for when your baby might make its arrival. Many women deliver perfectly healthy babies two weeks before or two weeks after this presumed due date. In a study published by Birth, 201 new mothers were surveyed about inducing labor at home. Of these women, 50 percent had tried some natural method before giving birth. Take heed, though: In recent years, the definition of a “full-term” pregnancy has gone from 37 to 39 weeks.

If you’ve reached this point (or, perhaps, far beyond), here are 11 natural ways to get things moving along.

1. Exercise
Anything from a long walk to stair climbing can get labor initiated. Gravity may help your baby descend farther into the birth canal and dilate your cervix through simple pressure. Even if this method doesn’t work, it’s a great way to relieve stress and keep your body strong for the task ahead.

2. Sex
You might have heard that having sex can get labor started. The basis for this is that sex results in semen release by the man. Semen is highly concentrated with prostaglandins, which are hormones that tend to cause uterine muscles to contract. For your best shot, make sure your partner ejaculates inside the vagina.

Didn’t work? There’s no harm in trying again, just for fun.

3. Nipple Stimulation
Stimulating your nipples can cause your uterus to contract and possibly bring about labor. In fact, if you choose to breastfeed your baby right after delivery, this same stimulation is what will help your uterus to shrink back to its original size. You or your partner may manually roll your nipples or you can try using a breast pump for stronger stimulation.

4 Membrane Stripping
Some providers will offer to strip your membranes to encourage labor. Though the procedure is done in the office, there are no medications involved. Your doctor will use a gloved finger to separate the amniotic sac from the uterine wall. This action releases more of those prostaglandins.

Following the procedure, you may experience cramps and spotting. If you experience heavier bleeding similar to a menstrual period, contact your doctor.

5. Acupuncture
Acupuncture stimulates the release of oxytocin in the body. In a randomized trial published by the Journal of Perinatal Medicine, over 400 women were given acupuncture, membrane stripping, or both procedures before their labors. There were no significant differences in the outcomes of the groups, but the vast majority of these women did not require medical inductions.

6. Acupressure
Some practitioners believe that acupressure can start and restart labor. The key is beginning the practice early and often. Various pressure points are safe to press starting at 37 weeks. You can increase pressure the closer you are to your due date and during labor itself. But prior to applying acupressure to yourself, make sure you get proper instruction from a trained acupressure professional.

If acupressure doesn’t get your labor going, it’s still an excellent way to alleviate pain and discomfort during delivery.

7. Spicy Foods
Maybe you should go out for Mexican food tonight. Spicy foods cause your body to release prostaglandins throughout the digestive process. These hormones may trigger contractions in the uterus. At the very least, you’ll enjoy a tasty meal without having to wash the dishes.

8. Castor Oil
Ingesting castor oil is an age-old method of attempting to induce labor, although research shows that it only works in about half of full-term women. Downing a dose will surely get your insides moving though, as it has laxative effects. If you are experiencing any constipation, castor oil can also help with that. Be careful not to take too much, and consult with your doctor to get the green light first. The end of pregnancy is uncomfortable enough without added digestive upset.

9. Bumpy Car Ride
Have you heard that taking a bumpy car ride can naturally induce labor? This popular idea is circulated on birth boards and makes its way around town via word-of-mouth. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of evidence to suggest that it actually works.

If you choose to give this a try, just remember to drive safely and always buckle up.

10. Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)
Though EPO itself may not cause labor, it can prime and soften your cervix. You may take the oil orally or insert it vaginally for the best results. While healthcare providers have long suggested taking EPO to ease birth, there is little proof that it naturally induces labor.

11. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Midwives often recommend drinking red raspberry leaf tea in combination with evening primrose oil as your due date nears. The team at OBGYN North in Austin, Texas, share that the tea tones the uterus and helps to organize irregular contractions into regular, productive patterns.

Even if it doesn’t work, you’ll stay hydrated.

The End Is Near
Of course, before trying anything that might induce labor, you’ll want to speak with your doctor to go over any risks or possible complications. Though some of these methods are popular folklore among pregnant women, there’s little scientific evidence to support their efficacy. In most cases, it’s best to let the baby set its own birth date, even if it means waiting another week or two.

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