Pregnancy Update Week 38

How far along? STILL PREGNANT!  Officially I am 38 weeks, and I am ready to let this baby boy greet the world!

According to “What to Expect” and their app, Baby Boy is the size of a Swiss chard, is around 19-22 inches and 6.5-7.0lbs.

Total weight gain:  Enough to cook a proper baby boy.

Bump Alert: FULL alert!

38 Weeks

Maternity clothes? Exclusively maternity!  I have had trouble finding comfortable clothes lately but refuse to spend another dime on  maternity clothing.  Baby will be here soon enough and then I’ll have my choice of SO many t-shirts and yoga pants during my postpartum days.

Stretch marks? Still moisturizing and still luckily stretch mark-free!

Sleep: I am so relieved to tell you that it’s gotten so much better!  I still wake up once during the night, but I am able to get back to sound sleep.

Workouts: I reduced my daily steps goal to 10,000 steps instead of 15,000.  I still reach the higher number most days, but as long as I reach my goal, I am happy.  The strength training sessions have come to an end, but I’ve been doing a lot of stretches that have helped to keep me limber.

Best moment the week: We are preparing for a move to another part of town, to be closer to work and whatnot.  This change of setting also required us to choose a new church, which we have and along with that comes preparing for Baby Boy’s baptism.  Tuesday night, we attended the required course that informs parents of the duties that they have to bring up their child in the church and what to expect at the actual ceremony.  It confirmed for us that we have made the right choice in relocating to this particular parish.

Additionally, I have gone on my maternity leave.  It’s bitter-sweet because I will miss my friends/colleagues and students, but I know that the time away will be spent truly preparing our new home for the arrival of our little nugget.

Food cravings: No cravings, but my appetite has decreased quite a bit.  I am only able to eat small portions, mini meals I suppose, because of the lack of room for anything other than Baby!

Labour signs: A few more contractions here and there, but other than that everything is normal.  My OB gave me the run-down of what to look for before calling her.  It gave me a lot of peace of a mind, and also an increased anticipation.

Symptoms: I still have dry skin and at the end of the day, my feet get pretty swollen.  Thank goodness we live in FL and it’s usually sandals weather.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie despite the belly growth.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and tired and READY!

Mom Advice

12 Things Every Woman Should Do in the Weeks Leading Up to Giving Birth from Love You Little One Blog

1. Sleep. Sleep In. Sleep some more. This one seems obvious, but so many women fail to do it before birth. Some don’t sleep because they are so uncomfortable and can’t, and that you can’t help. If this is you, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible and just rest. But I didn’t sleep because I was busy trying to get my house ready for the baby. Well, honestly, I wish I had paid someone to do that (see #2), and just rested, and slept in. Sleeping in is a glorious thing and you won’t be able to do it for a long time, so try to enjoy every minute of your precious sleep. Rest up for your big day :) And if you can, take a few days off of work leading up to your due date. Work can wait, take the time for yourself. Lay in bed all day and have a Netflix marathon of The OC. It’s ok. I won’t tell anyone. :)

2. Pay someone to clean your house – well. You probably won’t have the energy now, or after you have your baby for that matter. Plus, breathing in harsh chemicals while pregnant is a big no-no. You will feel SO MUCH better coming home to a clean sparkling house from the hospital and not having to worry about cleaning for a while. That will be the last thing on your mind, and the least important thing on your list. It will be worth every penny.

3. Stock up on maxi pads. Yes, they are gross and no one has used them since middle school, but you will need them. LOTS of them. So just go ahead and get them now so your Dad or husband doesn’t have to make a midnight run to Walgreens for you. (Not like that happened to me or anything). Shit. I’d recommend getting all thicknesses too, because you’ll be needing at least 6 weeks worth.

4. Stock up on Tucks Pads. These will become your friend for a variety of reasons. Witch-hazel does wonders for healing stitches and hemorrhoids. Yes, this is gross, but these things are all part of it. Make sure you have at least one pack of them on hand. And take as many packs of them home from the hospital as  they are willing to give you.

5. Buy underwear that you plan to throw away. You will ruin anything you wear within weeks of having a baby, so leave those Victoria’s Secret undies in the chest and only wear what you don’t mind pitching after a few weeks. Also make sure they are comfy – none of this thong stuff. You won’t want that. Just go for the basic pair, and you will thank me. On a side note- the mesh (yes, I said mesh) undies that they give you in the hospital are GREAT, although they look like some sort of weird hair net. I’d recommend taking a few home with you too. I did, and I still wear them. ;) Ha. Actually, I don’t really (just kidding), but I did for a few weeks postpartum.

6. Go on a Date, or two, or ten. You and your hubby will go out again, in time, once the baby, arrives but it won’t be the same. There will be a part of you that stays emotionally attached to that little one waiting at home for you. You will wonder if they are crying, if they are sleeping, or if they are missing you, and the list goes on. So, set aside some time to go on a date and spend some time as a couple before your baby arrives :)

7. This one is for Fido. If you have pets, give them a little extra love. I only say this because I have two dogs. Your poor puppies will likely feel a bit neglected when the baby comes home, so make sure you give them lots of attention leading up to the birth of the baby, as well as planning for someone to take them for walks, etc, after the baby is here. I had my parents here to walk our puppies, so they didn’t feel left out. We also got them a few extra treats, and took them to Doggie Daycare for a day here and there to be sure they were well exercised and weren’t feeling replaced. We also took them to the groomers shortly before I went into labor. I was happy I did, because the last thing I was worried about after coming home from the hospital was giving our dogs baths. It was also heavy shedding season for my Bailey, so the meant less hair flying around the house.

8. Put the carseat in your car and familiarize yourself with how to use it. Make sure your carseat is in your car ready to go by week 37. What I mean by “ready to go” is make sure you know how to adjust all the straps, etc. The straps will be set at factory setting which is usually not right for your baby. Make sure you know how to loosen them, etc. I had the car seat in way before I needed to, and read the booklet they give you with carseat twice, had our carseat install checked by the hospital (or any police station will check your carseat to make sure it’s installed properly for free) and felt prepared. But what I didn’t do was actually adjust the straps. I read about how to do this, but turns out it wasn’t as easy to do as I thought. The straps weren’t set at the lowest setting for a newborn, so, there we were trying to load our three day old baby into the car in the hospital parking ramp in the dead of summer, sweating to death, trying to adjust our carseat. I wasn’t much a help considering I couldn’t sit, stand, or walk. It took us about 30 minutes to get the carseat set up. I wish I had done this at the get go – not just read about how to do it. Or, here’s another way to do it- bring your carseat  up to your hospital room and adjust it with your baby in it, inside your room. Yes, you live and learn.

9. Write a funny letter to your baby. This isn’t entirely my idea, I read it on a while back, but I did do this and am so glad that I did. Keep a record of all the wild things that happened, and funny stories from your pregnancy. Like that you drove to the gas station in the middle of the night to satisfy your craving for Combos, pizza flavor. Um, yeah, I may have done that. COMBOS, of all things. Sick. Your little one will find it hilarious later in life. Write it all down, and put the note in an envelope, and keep it in a safe place to open in 10 years :)

10. Get a pedicure. Not only does this feel great on your aching swollen feet, your feet will be on major display during labor. Your feet will be up in everyone’s business, over your head, over your husbands head, in your nurse’s hands, you get the idea. I wanted my feet to be presentable, and a little festive. I went with pink, and while the rest of me was a hot mess in every sense of the word, at least my feet were looking good to the 25+ people in the room (more on that in myBirth Story).

11. Have photos taken, of your pregnant self! I have tons and tons of photos of myself before week 36. The photo above is from week 36 exactly, but after that, it seems there are minimal photos of my bump. That’s because people were probably terrified to take my photo in fear that I would murder them with my eyes. I was a bit crabby, and hot, and tired, and I didn’t feel like I looked photo worthy. However, I am now a little bit sad that I only have a few photos of what I looked like right before I had my little one. Have people take a few shots of you on your due date, and the weeks leading up to it. You will want these photos later, even if you think you won’t. You’re growing a miracle, and you’ll want to remember it.

 12. This is the most important one of all. ACCEPT HELP.  People are going to be willing to help you, so for the love of GOD, take it! Take all of it. Set all of your pride aside and take the help, before birth and after. So many people helped us along the way, whether it be setting up the nursery, making a run to Babies R US to pick up a crib with a truck, shopping for baby things, you name it. And postpartum, I would not have made it through the first 2 weeks without my friends and family. They say it takes a village to raise a baby, and they are right about that. So, accept help from your village. If someone offers to cook you eight meals for your freezer, please let them. If someone offers to come over to help you, have them over, and have them help you with laundry. One of the best things someone did for me was wash my bedding for me. It’s the little things, you know? ACCEPT HELP AND DO NOT FEEL BAD. You deserve it momma!

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