Week 28 Pregnancy Update and Nursery

Happy Holidays!  I hope your Christmas was spectacular and you were able to spend it with people you love.  At the very least, I hope you were able to get some rest and enjoy one of my most favorite times of the year.

Merry Christmas 2015

How far along? 28 Weeks.  Welcome to the 3rd trimester! – The baby is the size of an eggplant and weighs approximately 2.5lbs!

Total weight gain:  Enough to cook a proper baby boy.

Bump Alert: FULL alert!

28 Weeks

Maternity clothes? With the exception of a few t-shirts and workout tops (thanks for the loan, Dan), I am wearing 100% maternity clothing.  It’s been a bit difficult finding something appropriate to wear because the Florida “winter” has been unusually warm.  Most of my size-appropriate wardrobe is not temperature-appropriate.

Stretch marks? Still moisturizing and still luckily stretch mark-free!

Sleep: I have no problem falling asleep, but the little bundle of joy has started kicking and pushing on mommy’s bladder around 3:00am these days.  I find it difficult to fall back asleep, so I’ve been getting more reading done in those wee hours of the morning.

Workouts: I walk everyday and still have a 15,000 step-a-day goal with my Fitbit, and I do two or three strength training sessions per week.  I have dropped all weights when I do low-body exercises (squats, static lunges, sumo squats, curtsey lunges, mat work) and do everything with just body weight.  It’s still a great workout.

Best moment the week: It has been wonderful to have a two-week break from work to get a lot accomplished around the house.  The best moment related to baby was when he had (what I assume to be) hiccups.  My belly noticeably shifted in a rhythmic pattern for about 10-15 repetitions.  It was adorable and I absolutely swooned.

Food cravings: Nothing out of the usual.  I’m still all about the salty foods.

Labour signs: No!

Symptoms: Slightly swollen feet and dry skin around my tummy.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie despite the belly growth.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Baby Stuff: The nursery is starting to take shape!!

Nursery Before

Nursery Midpoint

My husband and I painted the nursery a delicate shade of gray to match the bunnies in his grandma-made blanket.  It was a lot of fun because it was our first painting job that we worked on together.  Afterwards, we added to two dressers, rocking chair & ottoman, and crib.

**Interesting history of the dressers** My mom purchased the two dressers shortly after she moved out of her parents’ home when she was around 20 years old.  They were an avocado-green color, very 60s, and they remained that way as they served as the furniture in my own nursery in the 80s.  After that, my dad and I stripped the paint and stained them a dark chocolate brown in the early 2000s.  About a month ago, my dad painted the two dressers the cream color they are today to match the crib.  I am so in love with the idea that these dressers have been in our family for so long, and hopefully will become a treasured duo for our son one day.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and tired

Looking forward to: Ringing in the new year!!


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