Week 22 Pregnancy Update

How far along? 22 Weeks – The baby is the size of an orange and weighs approximately 1 full pound!

Total weight gain: More than 10lbs.  I’ll have an accurate update after tomorrow.

Bump Alert: Oh yea!  I’m finally able to do the classic “bump clasp” pose now that there’s enough bump to speak of.

22 Weeks

A trip down memory lane…

14-22 Weeks

I couldn’t pick out why Week 22’s picture seemed different to me until I realized that I had switched around my arm placement.  Sorry that I’m covering up so much of the bitty bump.

Maternity clothes? I’m wearing half regular and half maternity tops, but still 100% maternity bottoms.

Stretch marks? Still moisturizing and still luckily stretch mark-free!

Sleep: Tons and I’m always wanting more!  8-9 hours per weeknight and the occasional weekend nap.  This past weekend called for one on both Saturday and Sunday.  The good news is that I’m feeling more refreshed when I finally do wake up.

Workouts: Four or Five days of walking and two days of strength training.  I’m still feeling really good with my routine.

Best moment this week: Last week, I noticeably felt Baby Boy moving around, but now I can almost time his movements: 20-30 minutes after I eat.  I’ve read that this week, babies really begin to work on their grasping motions, usually around the umbilical cord.  I’m not sure if that’s what I’m feeling, but it cracks me up to think that he is doing his version of “ringing the dinner” bell when he’s ready for food.

Miss anything? It’s not that I miss it, but I attempted to lay down on my stomach to take a close-up photo of the new Scentsy scent bar tags (as seen below), and I quickly realized that I can no longer be in that position.  Sorry, Baby!  I hope I didn’t squish you too much!


Food cravings: I don’t crave it, but I have started eating cottage cheese again, as I’ve mentioned before.  Right now, I have a light dinner of cottage cheese, cucumber and apple slices on the side, and some sort of protein.

Labour signs: No!

Symptoms: Reduced tiredness and growing bump.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie despite the belly growth.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Baby Stuff: Nothing new this week, with the exception of the arrival of the Scentsy warmer that we are going to be placing in the baby’s nursery:


Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and tired

Looking forward to: My next OB-GYN appointment tomorrow to see our little man once more.


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