Low Body Second Trimester Pregnancy Workout and Gender Wives Tales

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a pretty smooth-sailing pregnancy, so when I have the energy in the morning to hit the gym, I want to try and make the most of it.  I’ve modified the low body exercises so that I do most, if not all, without weights and at a slower pace.  Here is what I did this morning:

Second Trimester Low Body

I try to get in around 10,000 steps a day, and thanks to my FitBit, I am able to easily track them.  Because it was raining this morning, I decided to stay longer at the gym and use the recumbent bicycle for a nice 20 minute cardio session.

Tonight we are going to our friends’ gender reveal party for their 4th expectant bundle of joy.  I got a preview of some of the games we are going to be playing, and of course one is a betting pool to see who can accurately guess the gender before the official results are shown via a colored-cake slice.  Our friends are super creative, so they made up a chart that revealed all the possible results based upon old wives tales and tricks.  I thought it was so adorable that I would create my own list.  Dan and I won’t find out what we are having for another two weeks (!!!!!), so we will be able to tell how accurate these tests really are.

Carrying high versus low:  Boy

13 Weeks Dress

We didn’t do a Week 14 picture because we were so busy and I was frankly not feeling up to it. I will have to make up for it this weekend.

I am guessing this because I don’t really think that I am showing enough to say that I am either way, but maybe a bit on the low side since that’s where I feel a little more pregnant, if that makes any sense.

Increased Acne: Boy

I have not had any extra acne since becoming pregnant.  I’m fairly lucky that I only get a random pimple now and again.

Baby’s Heart Rate: 155 at the last ultrasound, so Girl

Cravings, Sweet vs. Salty/Savory: Boy

I tend to go for either treat really, but mostly salty.  A few weeks ago, I craved salty, greasy fries.  My new kick is sweet potatoes with ketchup and anything under the category of Mexican food.  Salty and savory taste buds lead to another male in the family.

Chinese Birth Chart/Calendar: Boy

Dreams about the Baby: Boy

I’ve only had one dream about our baby, and it was about me preparing the family to go out somewhere.  I was dressing our son in many layers of clothing, so I am hoping it was a dream about visiting my family in Michigan.

Husband Weight Gain: Boy

My husband has had the metabolism of a teenager since the day I met him.  He hasn’t increased his eating, but has helped me to indulge now and again.  He hasn’t gained any weight, so all signs point to boy.

Morning Sickness: Boy

I am one of the lucky ones that didn’t experience any negative pregnancy symptoms, which includes morning sickness.

So even though all the home remedies for detecting baby’s sex are pointing to a Boy, I am going to keep an open mind as we go to our appointment in a few weeks.


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