Week Twelve Update

12 Weeks Blue Shirt

When I first started my Baby Ferrari blog, I knew that I wanted to document my growing belly baby by taking a weekly photo in the same outfit to show the changes.  I got this idea from both Pinterest and Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers.  The above picture looks almost exactly the same as the first photo I took, which has been updated to represent the accurate timing:

8 Weeks Blue Shirt

4 Week Change

I definitely like my hair at Week 12 better.

I also ordered my first maternity dress from thredUP, a wonderful consignment website that allows women to sell their gently used clothing and other spend-thrifts budget-conscious customers to take advantage of the deals.  I decided that I would also like to have a picture of my growing belly in this dress:

12 Weeks Dress

Want to know a secret? I had to use a series of clothes pins to allow the dress to be more form-fitting for this picture.  All sorts of neat tricks up my sleeve!

Now that the pregnancy is almost near the start of the second trimester, I am planning on doing a better job of taking those weekly shots!


Symptoms:   Fatigue/Extreme tiredness in the evenings, tender and growing breasts, increase in gas/bloating (lovely), two weeks of headaches at the beginning.

Changes to My Body:  The only real change to my body has been in my chest.  Around weeks 6-10, my chest was very tender to the touch, and my cup size nearly doubled.

Weight Gain: None

Workouts:  I’ve stopped all running/jogging and replaced my cardio with a a combination of speed walking and the elliptical machine.  I’ve found that I still do the same routines when I do strength training exercises, but I have been drinking a TON more water and I have to stop and rest between sets to catch my breath and keep my heart rate at a good pace.

Cravings:  Root beer, berries, and one night only I couldn’t get the idea of a juicy, greasy burger out of mind mind.  Chili’s to the rescue!

Aversions: Around week 6, I had about 3 days of aversions to raw vegetables and any fruits other than bananas.  I’ve been back to my old routine ever since.

Overall I’m Feeling:  Extremely lucky that my “issues” only lasted a few days and have been feeling wonderfully the rest of the time.

Purchases: I took some advice from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers and purchased Preggo Pops.  I haven’t really needed them for nausea, but they have been used quite a bit; four onesies, and fabric to customize our nursery.

What I’m Reading: BLOGS, BLOGS, and more BLOGS!  Pinterest has been incredibly helpful! I’ve also started reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but have also purchased a copy of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn by Penny Simkin.

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