Listening Counts as Reading

As technology continues to influence human existence, and our daily pace isn’t exactly slowing down, people have to be create if they want to get in all their desired reading.  People have transitioned from purchasing or subscribing to newspapers and magazines to reading online articles; Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers have replaced stacks of books on the bed-side table; audiobooks and podcasts are taking over the air waves during daily commutes, cardio minutes logged in at the gym, and background noise during tedious working hours.  It’s debatable if this transition is a positive or negative, and while I love the feel of pages flipping through my fingers, I have to admit that the majority of my reading takes place on a screen.  Retrophiliacs would scoff at the idea that reading on a tablet is better than reading a book, but that doesn’t make it just as enjoyable and nurturing.

Just as divisive is the question of whether listening to audiobooks counts as reading.  I tend to believe that it does because however you take in literature or information, you’re still benefiting, you’re still learning, and you’re still living vicariously through the characters’ experiences.

Ok, now here’s where things may begin to stretch a bit thin: listening to podcasts is the same as reading.  What are your thoughts?

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