Book Polygamy Day Seven: It’s Ok to Change Your Mind

Notice anything new about my Goodreads’ “Currently Reading” list?

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 2.08.43 PM

The truth is, I’m really enjoying the pacing and experience of diving into all these different settings and plot lines, creating connections and opinions about characters that if I don’t feel it with a new book, I don’t really want to spend the time I would rather devote to another.  Sounds shallow, right?  Thank goodness my Reading personality isn’t the same as my approach to relationships.

I think I’ve also learned that I don’t want a lot of turnover all at once.  When I finished As You Wish and Haunted, it was only a day or so later that I also finished The Dinner and A Game of Thrones.  I admit that I was much more invested with the latter duo than the former, so maybe it was easier to fill in the literary void.  Now I’ve started on the second book in the series, A Clash of Kings, so I’m carrying that forward.  But my other three titles need to step it up!


Longbourn19486412I can’t tell you what it was about Longbourn that made me stop, but it just wasn’t what I had been hoping for.  I wanted to be grabbed within the first chapter, and frankly it didn’t happen.  On paper (pardon the pun) it should have been an instant connection, but frankly I was bored and distracted.  It was my “Sweatpants” choice, so I’ve decided to switch over to Big Little Lies, a title that’s been on my Kindle for quite some time and deserves to be given a chance.


CanterburySense-and-SensibilityI’ve mentioned before that I am rereading The Canterbury Tales in preparation for my English IV’s 1st quarter, as it is the anchor text.  Well, when you’ve read and studied a text as many time as I have, you don’t need to spend a great deal of time doing a close read.  Needless to say, I was able to quickly go over the Prologue, The Knight’s Tale, The Wife of Bath’s Tale, and the Pardoner’s Tale.  In it’s place, I’ve decided not to completely give up the Jane Austen ship and read Sense and Sensibility for the first time.  I may even treat myself to watching the movie.

In Other Reading News

Clash of KingsA Clash of Kings has started out just as strongly as A Game of Thrones left off.  If you hadn’t been able to make a timely transition from the first to second book, Martin does a great job of recapping the important plot points necessary for carrying on.  The pacing is good and I found myself wanting to continue turning page after page, yet I knew that I would need to stop and take a break for real life responsibilities.

Man UpBut, once I was done being an adult, I started reading Man Up! by Ross Matthews.  It’s just as hilarious and endearing as the man who wrote it himself.  I can hear Ross’ voice narrating his memoir and it makes it even more enjoyable!

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