Book Polygamy Day Six: A Whole New Game

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Yesterday, I started the day with the goal to finish Herman Koch’s The Dinner.  I had a handful of pages left, and the pacing had quickened to a point where I couldn’t put the book down.  I completed the book much quicker than I anticipated, allowing me to be able to finish A Game of Thrones as well.  Today, my Goodreads “Currently Reading” list has a completely different different look.

Longbourn  “Sweatpants” Title: Longbourn by Jo Baker  (Summary via Goodreads)

  Why I chose this book: I love Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and just finished teaching this classic in my Pre AP English class.  Longbourn switches the perspective of the Bennett household from the fretful women to the servants who must attend to their madness.

Clash of Kings  “Chunkster” Title:  A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin (Summary via Goodreads)

Why I chose this book: A Clash of Kings is the second book in the “A Song of Fire and Ice” series by George R. R. Martin.  I have been a loyal viewer to the HBO series, and after much prodding from my husband and friends, I decided to start reading the books.  I emotionally survived the first book, only because of watching the show, but I have been warned that the subsequent titles may not be so easy.

Man Up

Nonfiction Title: Man Up! by Ross Matthews  (Summary via Goodreads)  
Why I chose this title:  I love Ross Matthews!  He’s captured my heart ever since he was an intern on Jay Leno’s run as “The Tonight Show” host.  Currently, Ross has a podcast that is hilariously witty, topical, and entertaining.  I want to learn more about the journey that Ross went on that allowed him to be the confident man that he is today.

Canterbury Literary Fiction Title: The Canterbury Tales (Summary via Goodreads
Why I chose this title: I NEED to start rereading this book! Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is the anchor text for the 1st quarter of my English IV course, and while I know the stories like the back of my hand, I always reread a text before the unit begins in the classroom.

Why I chose this title for my curriculum: The tales written by Chaucer are timeless!  Human nature never ceases to stay consistent!  The frame story grabs the reader’s attention and dazzles them with the artistic language and bawdy characters.

Coming Clean Audiobook Title: Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller (Summary via Goodreads)

Why I chose this title: I started a free trial of AmazonUnlimited, which includes titles that have audio versions.  I wanted to try out an audiobook that was nonfiction because I tend to be able to get into that genre better than fiction when listening rather than reading.  Kimberly Rae writes about her experience growing up in the house of a hoarder and how that impacted her as an adult.  It seemed like a topic that would keep me intrigued.

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