Five Things from the First Day Back to Work

Monday marked the return to the real world for the majority of Americans who were off for the holidays.  I’m definitely not seeking sympathy because I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with a built-in vacation schedule, but that doesn’t make the transition any less dreadful and tiring.


This Monday looked much different from last Monday, in some good ways, and exhausting in others.  My what a difference 7 days can make!

1.  Less time in the mornings to prepare for the day.

Over break I would wake up around the same time in the morning, but I would be able to spend a few hours sipping coffee, catching up on my DVR’d programs, and updating/doodling in my Bullet Journal.  Yesterday, I sacrificed my workout because I  didn’t plan enough time to get everything ready that I needed to.

2.  Standing all day.

Not to sound geriatric, but I felt the low back pain come on around late morning.  I’m not going to lie to you; I spent the majority of my break sitting down reading, working on my bullet journal, and standing a lot at my crafting table.  I wasn’t what you would call “active.”  Yesterday, my classes worked on creating SMART Goals and getting prepared for their midterm project presentation.

3.  Talking Talking Talking Talking Talking

My throat was a little scratchy and my voice began to waver a bit from all the talking I was doing.  See my break schedule above.  It didn’t take a lot of chatting to get through 4.5 books and 3 craft projects.

4.   So tired.  So, so tired.

Both Monday and this morning allowed me to wake up, feeling rested, but last night I could barely keep my eyes open!


5.  Time with some really great people


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