DIY Dividers and Journal Storage

Happy Tuesday!  Before I head off with the husband to watch the final installment of “The Hobbit,” I wanted to share my artsy-fartsy project this morning, a DIY subject divider and simple storage solution.

I have evolved my Bullet Journal system in two ways:

1.  A moleskine journal for my daily journaling

2.  A 3-ring mini binder for tracking, creating, and brain dumping (a charming term, I know)

I bought a mini binder and dividers from Target and created the labels for the subjects that I found to be the most useful:

IMG_3136_2 IMG_3137_2 IMG_3138_2

“This morning, I wanted to add a few pages from my 2014 moleskin journal which did not fit into any of these tabs,” said Murphy’s Law.  I would have to create a new tab.  Using an index card as my base, I began to construct and create:


I have a small collection of pictures, designs, quotes, and magazine cutouts that I used in addition to Washi tape to make my divider cover.

Layer 1

After fussy cutting my papers and tape, I layered the pictures, adhering them with a rolling tape dispenser found in the scrapbooking section of most craft stores.

Final Page

I affixed the page to a pre-made divider and labeled it, “Life”

Page on the Divider

Envelope Storage 3

Wanting to finalize my journal, I needed a storage system for small pieces of paper, receipts, notes, and photos.  My eyes landed on a stack of extra envelopes that were left over from our Christmas cards this year.  Perfect!

Envelope Storage

I have a Franklin Covey 7-hole punch that quickly turned an envelope into a storage system for my journal.

Envelope Storage 2



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