Teacher New Year’s Resolutions 2015

The Pensive Sloth blog offered up the Top 10 Teacher New Year’s Resolutions and I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.  Some are worth working on and others are just completely out of the question; I am a human after all!

Three resolutions I’m likely to attempt:


I have to compliment myself on being fairly punctual with my turnaround time with grading.  What I need to work on is giving more specific feedback on assignments, as opposed to “Good Job!” and “Awkward.”teacher-resolutions-4-lesson-plans

My lesson plans are always in on time, sometimes they are less than specific.  I want to work on creating a solid unit plan as opposed to getting by, week-to-week, by the skin of my teeth.


I am working on implementing more activities that are student-led as opposed to teacher-led.  This is tough for me, but we are all works in progress.  Baby steps are better than heels dug in.

Three resolutions that just ain’t gonna happen!


Let me clarify this one: I am not saying that I don’t find value in PD sessions, but I want to focus on the word “demeaning.”  More often than not, I find wisdom and insight from each PD sessions that we have, but there are also those presenters who come in with some flashy “new gimmick” that insult the intelligence of the teaching staff they are working with.  Just putting a new name on an old strategy doesn’t make it worth my time.

I think all teachers have a love/hate relationship with the copy machine.  We understand one another and accept the relationship.  When it’s bad, it’s horrible; when it’s good, it’s fabulous!

‘Nuff said.

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