December Currently with Gratitude

december currently

loving …family time that is much overdo.

studying …Old Navy’s return policy.  I purchased a slew of Cyber Monday finds, but not all were diamonds.


enjoying …mood lighting created by the sunrise and Christmas lights

preparing …for the Christmas extravaganza by wrapping presents and putting them under the tree.

wondering …how long I could sustain drinking half regular/half decaf coffee.  I stayed with family while visiting my hometown, and they only drink the deluded stuff.  Who are these people??  I feel like I’ve met them for the first time.  I wondered why I was drinking cup after cup and not feeling more awake.  I love my family, but this is some foolishness.


laughing …at myself because of the glee I feel in seeing the full DVR, brimming with Bravo shows for days!!!


reading …Andy Cohen’s book, Most Talkative

Andy Cohoen

listening …to the first episode of the podcast, Serial, mostly because of the hype.


thinking …about my goals for 2015

feeling …nostalgic.  Visiting my hometown and family whom I have not seen in about one year makes me think about years gone by.  I love my family, weird coffee preferences and all, and this trip to Michigan has reminded me of how important they all are to me.


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