Gratitude Posting Day Three

Because I will be traveling tomorrow, my birthday, my family and I decided to celebrate today.  I am truly blessed to have so many inspiring and thoughtful people in my life who show me their love in so many ways.  I cannot express how much having them in my life means to me.  I am one lucky woman.

Today, instead of posting my established 5-3-1 posting, I want to share the birthday gift my mother made for me.  Words escape me to express how much this gift means to me.  My mother is the most talented woman in the world and I am grateful that she shares her gifts with me.


This is a GORGEOUS quilt that I have displayed on the wall of my office so I can look at it everyday and fall more and more in love with it.  It’s called, “My Favorite Things.”

Quilt 8

Quilt 7

Quilt 6

Quilt 5

Quilt 4

Quilt 3

This is my favorite corner…

Quilt 2

Can you tell why???

Quilt 9

I’m also in love with the personalization of this quilt.  This suitcase is covered with all of the places that my husband and I have traveled.

Quilt 10

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