Gratitude Posting Day Two


Daily Gratitude

Five Things I’m Grateful For

  2. Solid and supportive co-workers.  I am so incredibly proud of my co-workers who have been busting their behinds for our students and the planning that goes into producing the Homecoming dance this weekend.
  3. Strong administration.  Our students may not know it now, but they have some of the hardest working people on their sides, devoting time, talent, and stressful days for their betterment.  Again, I am blessed to have them on my team.
  4. The peaceful glow of a decorated home for the holidays.  I love sitting back in my cozy chair, taking in the Christmas spirit.
  5. A Panera Bread less than a mile from my house on night’s when I need a helping hand with dinner plans.

Three Things that Brought Me Happiness Today

  1. This news story:
Via USA Today

Via USA Today


2.  A great talk with a close friend.  I needed to get a lot of bottled-up tension out, and a dear               friend was there to listen.

3.  Crossing off “to-do” items in my Bullet Journal, and especially feeling as though I’ve left my             classroom as prepared as it can be for the sub next week.

One Improvement for Tomorrow

  • Keeping this quote close to my heart:


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