Gratitude Posting Day One

This morning I addressed some personal issues that I am facing and some suggestions for how to overcome the negativity to move forward.  One of my SMART goals that I developed to help break myself out of the cycle is to record five things I am grateful for each day, three parts of my day that brought me happiness, and one way to make tomorrow an even better day.  I use this 5-3-1 strategy with my students when we view a video clip or read a text and I am looking for them to interact with it.  The criteria for each of the 5-3-1 segments is different than what I am using it for today, allowing me to personalize it for the specifics of the assignment and purpose.

Daily Gratitude

Five Things I’m Grateful For

  1. My understanding husband who supports me no matter what.
  2. Second chances and Do-overs
  3. The sweetest puppy in the world who greets me with as much enthusiasm today as the day before and the day before that.
  4. With the temperatures dropping each day, the heat in my home, car, and place of employment.
  5. Supportive friends who understand me and never let me forget that I am loved.

Three Things that Brought Me Happiness Today

  1. School Spirit.  Today was Class Colors day during Spirit Week.  While it shouldn’t really bring me happiness to see the competitive side come out between my students, what did bring a genuine smile to my face was seeing how it brought together the most unlikely of pairs within each grade level.  Students were complimenting each other on their outfits based on class-assigned colors, their face paint, and creativity.  Seeing them come together made me happy.
  2. The last class period of the day is a tough one to teach in for many reasons: students are squirrelly because they’re ready for the end of the day, they’re exhausted mentally, and I am both!  Today, I knew that it would be important to talk to my students about the culture in our classroom.  There are many different cliques present, so there is little cohesion socially.  Today we had a sit-down, literally on the floor, on the floor.  We talked about ways that we could come together as a group, the role that each of us plays in moving forward, and how we want to be able to communicate with each other going forward.
  3. Survivor was on our DVR when we walked through the door tonight.  My husband and I are big fans, so this is something we look forward to each week.

One Improvement for Tomorrow

  • A lot of positive momentum was established today amongst my students.  I am going to remind them that I am incredibly proud of how we came together as a group.

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