November Lately

November Lately

loving sleeping with the windows open at night and allowing the cool air into the house

studying the difference between prescritivism and descriptivism 

enjoying a cup of Archer Farms Cinnamon Vanilla Nut coffee

preparing my bullet journal for the day

wondering if I’ll ever break free from the grip of the Daylight Savings Time – I am still waking up an hour earlier, yet not going to bed an hour earlier.

editing Rhetorical Analysis essays fro my AP Lang students

laughing at how I managed to put a lock on a locker at the gym, but it wasn’t the one holding my belongings.


expecting to get a lot accomplished at the library today.  I am planning an all-day study session with my husband

planning my St. Augustine Half Marathon wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.46.24 AM

The weather appears to be ideal for running.  The race begins at 7am, but I will need to arrive by 6 to get my packet.

reading a heavy selection from this pile:


listening to Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy in the background as I schedule out my day and blog entry

thinking I’m incredibly grateful for the learning lessons of my 20s that have made me capable of shaking off pettiness

praying that my friends and family are happy.

wishing I had more hours in the day, but grateful for the things that fill up the ones that I get

feeling excited about the race tomorrow!

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