How I Spent my 12 Miles on a Treadmill

Happy World Run Day, everyone!

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 11.54.22 AM

World Run Day Participants celebrate the sport of running by promoting the health benefits of running to others – while running “their own course” for the day.

I signed up to participate in create-your-own race last month and today was the day to put my runner’s stride where my mouth is.  The St. Augustine Half Marathon is next week Sunday and decided my last long run with today’s “celebration.”  Unfortunately/fortunately, it was raining outside this morning, and combined with 50ish degree weather meant that I would be running on a treadmill at the gym.

The last time that I ran that distance on a treadmill was when my husband and I were in Alaska, three years ago.  I didn’t have any other real options for running longer distances when we were at St. Paul Island, so I became quite familiar with our treadmill and bedroom walls.  Some people detest running on a treadmill, but for the most part, I don’t mind it.


Pros to Running on a Treadmill

  1. Weather isn’t a factor
  2. Running alone isn’t scary
  3. A place is provided to hold your stuff
  4. Maintaining a certain pace is taken care of for you
  5. Reassurance AKA A bathroom is always available if nature calls or texts “911”
  6. Free reading time
  7. Two words: Wifi Accessibility.  Netflix, ya’ll!
  8. People watching can be more entertaining than the same streetlights and porches
  9. Speed work on a treadmill won’t make you look like a lunatic
  10. Playing around with the incline helps prepare you for hills on race routes

Ok, Negative Nancy, I hear you saying that despite these spectacular reasons to enjoy running on a treadmill, I will share with you a first-hand account of how I spent my 1:53 this morning.


  • Watched “Scandal” Episode 3 of Season 2 on my iPad (Netflix) – 43 minutes


  • Read two chapters in On the Road by Jack Kerouac on my iPad (Kindle app) – 20ish minutes


  • Watched half of Doug Benson’s comedy special, “Doug Dynasty” on my iPad (Netflix) – 25ish minutes


  • Saw the 5-day forecast about 8 times (TVs at the gym)
  • Checked Facebook, Twitter, and email (Kindle apps)
  • Texted my husband about breakfast plans
    • Last three were collectively 15 minutes 


Before I knew it, I was beginning my Cool Down.  I was able to quickly wipe down my machine, walk to a clean bathroom with plumbing and lacked porta potties (which is the exact recipe for running happiness), wash my face, use the facilities, and drive home.

Even if you’re not buying into my hype, at least consider this post a public service to give treadmills a second chance.

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