Inspired to Write


  1. Name: Noah Stein
  2. Last name means “Stone” in German
  3. Freshmen in high school
  4. Has Aspergers
  5. Transfer student from Michigan to Alaska
  6. Parents are teachers
  7. Difficulty making and maintaining friendships, yet is not an introvert.
  8. Extroverted
  9. Started out in middle school as an outcast, yet has become the class’ mascot in a way
  10. Favorite TV Shows: Walking Dead, WWE, and Housewives of _______
  11. Avid Reader
  12. Wants to become Youtube famous for documenting his life using only electronics from the 80s
  13. Yes he does realize the dilemma with this; that’s half the fun
  14. Then he found the TV show Doogie Houser, MD – inspired to use a typewriter to become Noah Stein, PhD
  15. Fascinated with things from “the olden days”
  16. Obsessed with typewriters, VCRs, and peculators
  17. Began signing up for 5ks to accumulate the t-shirts, but never actually runs them
  18. only-child
  19. Best friend is a blogger on Tumblr who also reads John Green books, an introvert, and does not post pictures of themselves online – follows all of her social media accounts (Tumblr, Twitter, Goodreads) once mother showed Noah about them.
  20. Finds his name to be ironic.  His first name is an allusion to Noah’s Ark, yet his last name means stone, which is an object that cannot float AKA sinks
  21. Smart enough to get all As, but only completes work that can be done at home.  Prefers to work on projects as opposed to homework assignments
  22. Rarely does homework unless it’s a project
  23. Works on school’s newsletter – self-proclaimed school historian
  24. 5’3″
  25. Sandy Blonde hair
  26. 165 lbs.
  27. Signature outfit: wrangler jeans and dark gray hoodie
  28. shoes bought from Payless BOGO sales
  29. Obsessed with Montgomery Wards
  30. Grandfather’s pole barn loft is Noah’s haven
  31. Carries a mokesine journal everywhere he goes
  32. Always writing in notebook
  33. Writes about…new words he’s learning
  34. Writes about…observation he makes about others
  35. Writes about…fanfiction (WWE merges with Housewives)
  36. Sketches hypothetical scenarios based upon snippets of his day/observations
  37. Writes about…daily agenda items/mundane items
  38. Turns in most classwork assignments he actually does on typewriter
  39. Blue 1960s Retro Portable Typewriter- Olivetti Studio 44. Made in Italy


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