October Currently – The Halfway Mark

October Currently

loving the cooler (for Florida) weather that is starting to show up

painting my own nails. #BallerOnABudget

enjoying last night’s TV shows on my DVR

preparing my bullet journal for the day

wondering what I’m going to have for dinner tonight – I need to start planning

editing student college essays

laughing about a conversation my students had where they were trying to distinguish between cocoa and coca beans.  “That’s what gets you high!  The chocolate!”

expecting a great weekend of relaxation

drinking more plain water

reading The Fool by Christopher Moore

planning to complete my last ESOL course requirement to receive my endorsement

listening Garth Brooks’ greatest hits before his concert on Friday!!!

watching the season premiere of The Walking Dead through covered eyes

thinking about what it would be like to take a charter boat vacation (I watched Below Deck last night)

praying for my students who have been testing all week.  They must pass their state standardized reading test in order to graduate

wishing I could be with them while they take their tests

feeling like today is going to be a great day

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