Reflective Teaching Challenge Day Twenty-Nine:


How have you changed as an educator since you first started?

 This question made me take a long pause.  When I think about the teacher that I was when I first began my career, I cringe.  I was so green, so unsure of myself, so consumed by the wrong elements of my day and completely spastic.  I was unorganized and lacked the understanding of how to improve this.  I was a hot mess, as my students have denoted the front of my shirt when I spilled coffee on it last week.  Instead of focusing on where I was, I would rather focus on how I have improved.

1.  More professionally disciplined

2.  Increased ownership/responsibility

3.  Increased resourcefulness

4. Better at Time Management

5. More complete lesson plan development

6.  More accurate assessment creation

7. More involved with after-school activities

8.  Increased technology usage

9.  Stronger PLC involvement

10.  Take more chances curriculum-wise

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