Reflective Teaching Challenge Day Twenty-Eight:


Respond: Should technology drive curriculum, or vice versa?

A colleague of mine was asked the question of, “How do you get such great test results on writing assessments from your students, year after year?”

His response was, “Good writing is good writing.  No matter how they ask the students to respond, if they know how to write well, they will be able to appropriately respond.”

“Good writing is good writing” has become my universal aphorism to push my teaching.  I’ve kept it in mind when I see 4238 new new pins on Pinterest, tweets on Twitter, blog entries on my Feedly feed, and feel overwhelmed.  I see all these resources and insights as helpful, sometimes a bit gimmicky, but ultimately, “Good writing is good writing”; good teaching is good teaching; solid curriculum is solid curriculum.  Incorporating technology into “good curriculum” is a best practice, but technology should not change what you teach, but support it to be more accessible to more students.

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