It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

9-22 Book Collage

Being sick lends itself to getting in a lot of reading time.  I was able to finish Ethan Frome, The Last Girlfriend on Earth, and Catch 22.  I started reading The Scarlet Letter on Sunday afternoon. I have been avoiding it because my only real exposure to the story is the horrific adaptation starting Demi Moore.  I know the Golden Rule of not judging a book by its film adaptation, and I’m sorry that I put it off for so long.  I would highly recommend reading the other three books, but only at the right mental state.  If you’re fearing you have far too much positivity in your life and you need to learn to empathize with people, pick up Ethan Frome; I guarantee you’ll be brought down several notches on the “Feel Good” meter.  Catch 22 is completely bizarre and I while I am glad I read it, I don’t know that I’ll be going back again.  If you’re looking for a quizzical read that will leave you as confused and turmoiled as its characters, this is the book for you.  Finally, for a good, light and humorous read that leaves you chuckling aloud to its satirical short stories, The Last Girlfriend on Earth is for you.  Anyone who has dealt with the heartache and frustration of dating, but also the triumph of love, you will enjoy this book.

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