Reflective Teaching Challenge Day Sixteen: My Superpower Wish


If you could have one superpower to use in the classroom, what would it be and how would it help?

I Teach.  What's your superpower

In my mind, there are several ways that one could apply a superpower in the classroom.


  1. There are days that I wish I could be the Flash, dashing from my classroom to the restroom between classes, to the copy machine, and back before anyone noticed that I was gone.Endurance-1994604
  2. I’ve day dreamed about having superhuman endurance/energy so that I am not subjected to the afternoon lulls or the ability to stay up late preparing for the next day’s class, not feeling the effects throughout the next day.  2551238-superman_man_of_steel1
  3. According to, having superpower of Invulnerability is, “Invulnerability grants heroes immunity to one or more forms of physical, mental, or spiritual damage. If you possessed this power, you would never have to worry about getting beat up by bullies, mending a broken heart, or suffering from depression.”  I definitely could utilize this ability on the days in which flippant comments from students, hostile parents, and unsupportive administration gets to me.  We’ve talked in the past that educators are some of the least appreciated, underpaid/overworked professionals.  Talk about some of the most deserving of the superpower of Invulnerability!multilingual1
  4. Omnilinguism is the ability to understand any form of language, and assuming that I could add the stipulation that I could also speak any language, this would be probably the most effective superpower because of the high percentage of ESOL students that I worked with.  2-How-To-Predict-The-Future-With-Twitter
  5. The ability to predict the future would be an interesting ability to possess.  I would use this talent in accordance with my teaching by predicting how well students would perform on assessments.  Before you start yelling at me, I want you to understand me clearly: I want to know if I’ve taught them, supported them enough so that they will be able to confidently complete assessments that I CREATE, NOT those standardized tests.

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