The First Day of Pre Planning

Welcome back to your ol’ Home, Sweet Home!Erm

I was going to use a new meme, but somehow this chick just got me and my sentiments about going back.  To be honest, this was the easiest return-to-school that I’ve experienced, as far as first days go.  I met all of the new teachers within our department and welcomed them, as well as reestablishing a few items in my classroom.  The only negative was having to sit through presentations on cafeteria benches.  My tush is bent all out of whack (at least that’s the excuse I’m going to use for not working out).

It was also a strange day because many of my friends from the previous years had left to teach at other schools.  It was sad not seeing their faces or feeling their vibes throughout the morning group sessions.  I tried to keep my mind in the positive, that everything happens for a reason, and to be grateful that it appears their replacements are going to do a smashing job.

As if all of those reasons weren’t enough to make the day its own, new experience, I am heading into 2014-2015 with a year’s experience of being department head under my belt.  I am still going to be learning and growing, but I am not walking into the position unsure as to what I am expected to do and what roles I will be taking on with this title.  All of the returning English teachers know who I am and we have established a great rapport with them; I was in on the hiring process for the new-hires, so they have only known me as their department head.  Overall, the confidence of having some experience helped make this a good first day.

Looking Ahead…


It appears from our weekly agenda that we are in for some massive trainings to support our transition to the new Florida Standards, which are modeled after the Common Core State Standards.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we are using Language Arts Florida Standards – the LAFS – and there will be several training sessions using our state’s DOE website, CPALMS.ORG.  I highly recommending visiting this website even if you’re out-of-state because they have some wonderful resources.

Additionally, we are going to have significant amounts of time to prepare our classrooms, which is fantastic!  I need to spend some time putting posters up on the newly painted walls, rearranging my student desks, and putting my resources back in their shelves.









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