Opening Activity for Secondary Classrooms

I found the perfect opening activity to get to know my students this year.  I found this set of questions on Pinterest – thank you Rachel Richards!  I’m calling it the

2014 New School Year Resolution

2014 Resolutions

It’s appropriate for any content area or secondary classroom.  If you wanted to modify it, it would work with upper elementary classrooms as well.

As all good teachers know, it’s important to model appropriate and quality work that we expect our students to complete, so I have made my 2014 New School Year Resolutions as well!

1.  One bad habit that I would like to break is procrastinating on completing my reflection journal.

2.  A new skill that I would like to learn is how to use iMovie to create instructional videos for our classroom’s use.

3.  One person that I hope to be more like is a colleague, Mr. Rose, who always has a kind word and a smile on his face.  He sets a great example of how to interact with students, coworkers, and parents.

4.  A good deed that I’m going to do is participate more with the Community Service Club in their activities this year.

5.  A place that I would like to visit is Las Vegas, Nevada.

6.  I am dying to read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

7.  I do not write many letters, but I know how good they make people feel so, I would like to write my Aunt Susie a letter to tell her how much I miss her and would like to have her come and visit from Michigan.

8.  One thing that I hope to accomplish this year is helping to support the teachers in our English department to have a successful year.

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