Standard-Based Chart to Help Your Instruction

I teach in Florida where we are rolling out our new standards, specifically for ELA, the Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS).  By the way, I love that the acronym is “laughs.”  Anyways, I have been searching throughout the internet and Pinterest for useful templates and charts for ensuring a smoother and efficient implementation of the new standards.  Fortunately, we are not the first state to switch to a Common Core-styled system, so there are a lot of templates to follow.


Student-by-Student Standard Tracking

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.46.24 AM

The first column consists of the specific standards and numbers and the subsequent are reserved for each of the students in the classroom.  When an assessment based upon the given standard is given, the students’ results are recorded.  I have yet to recreate this for my own classroom, but it is on the list.

Standard-by-Standard Tracking in Instructional Practices

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 9.37.19 AM

(Column Titles: Benchmark, Description, How Implemented/Activity/Notes, When Implemented/Date & Unit, Reflection)

In the past, I have used a tracking chart to ensure that I have thoroughly covered all of the standards in a given marking period.  With the advancement of both the curriculum requirements and rigor, extensive reflection, and meticulous implementation, I have updated my chart.  The key items that I include on my tracking chart are:

  • Benchmark#/Code
  • Benchmark Description
  • Details of How I implemented the benchmark
  • The date and unit that I used the benchmark
  • Ample space for reflection

Complete chart for LAFS 1112 (Florida only, sorry.)  If you would like to use my chart and just copy/paste your state’s standards, please feel free to.

LAFS 1112 Tracking Chart Generic


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