Let’s BRAWL: Throwing Socratic Seminars out of the ring

If you’re curious about adding Socratic Seminars into your curriculum, you must read this blog entry by David Theriault, which utilizes the close reading strategies of T3 and SCOUT. Please read this amazing and detailed explanation for how to incorporate socratic seminars in your English classroom.

: the readiness is all

*updated 3/19/14 with new resource link on the bottom of this post.

AND HULK HOGAN is getting tossed over the top rope!


When I was a kid my brothers and I loved watching wrestling. The larger than life characters and simple good vs. evil plot line appealed to young boys. About once a year they would have a large event and the highlight of that event was called a Battle Royal or Royal Rumble. There were twenty or so wrestlers inside the ring at once. It was a spectacle. Before the bout started you would see wrestlers forming impromptu teams, working together to knock off the best fighters in the ring and then towards the end it was mano-a-mano. It was the best ten minutes of TV until the next Battle Royal.

I want to capture that excitement, of team and individual competition, in my classroom.

Every year I get…

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