New Favorite Website

Stop me if you’ve already acquainted with this website, but I was putting some ideas together for projects this year and stumbled upon an amazing website I had to share with you!  As I was rereading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, I was thought that the Grumpy Cat and Victor would be make a wonderful duo.


Grumpy Frank.jpg

I’ve used lesson plans in the past where students create social media accounts based around a character from a text that we are reading and have had great success with it.  The vast majority of students were able to make stronger connections to the character and their motives when they “wore their shoes” for a bit.  I thought to myself that creating memes would be another step in making those connections.

My search began when I was simply trying to locate blank popular memes.  The first result was Memesly. They had an entire listing of the internet’s most popular memes.  As I started to explore, I realized that Memesly had a tab for creating your own memes.  I immediately dove in!

Skeptical Teacher

I hope that you take the time to make some of your own memes, even for your own amusement.  If you do plan on using them in your classroom, please share some of your favorites with me here or on Twitter @TeachMrsFerrari

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