A Poe Dinner

Last night, Dan and I went out to dinner with my sister-in-law who is visiting us for the long weekend.  We are all in education so it makes summer an ideal time to get together.  We decided to try a new restaurant that Dan found wonderful reviews for online: Poe’s Tavern.  I’ll let you guess as to why it is named that.

Poes 1

The atmosphere inside went perfectly with the Poe theme.  Even our waitress had gothic-styled makeup on, although our conclusion was that it was a happy coincidence.

Poes 2 Poes 4Despite being advertised as a “Burger and Seafood” restaurant, it really was made for the beef-lover in us all.  Each hamburger selection was named, appropriately, after one of Poe’s text titles.

Poes 3

Dan ordered the Pit & Pendulum, my SIL the Raven, and I chose to try one of their salads (lacking a Poe-inspired name, I declared my dinner the “Nevermore”).

Poes 5

In other exciting, literature-inspired news, I came home with a MAJOR book haul today.

Book Haul 2

Book Haul

Would you hate me if I told you that I received all 16 books for less than $20?!?  My two main resources for purchasing classic literature are Amazon Prime (free shipping, ya’ll!) and local secondhand stores.  There are so many Good Will, St. Vincent, and hospice stores in our neighborhood that have excellent bargains, I just can’t help myself!  The most I’ve paid for a book that’s in excellent condition is $1.25.  After being emerged in literary analysis for a week, I can say that a full bookshelf and tummy is the recipe for a content me.

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