Office Project 2014 Part Two

Once I had completed my closet update, I had the remodeling bug!

Closet Before Closet After 3

I had envisioned what I wanted my office to look like thanks to Pinterest, and because my sisters were coming into town, I knew that I had to put a pin in those additional changes.  Two days after we said goodbye to my family, Dan and I headed back to Lowes and I secretly began working on Phase Two.

Closet Before 2

Office Before

Ultimately, I wanted to change the wall color from Baby Blue to a soft white.  It took almost two coats of paint to cover the walls.  I learned my lesson that you should spend a little bit of extra money on paint in order to get the look and quality that you want.  In addition, we bought two ladder-style bookshelves and assembled them to adorn the window.

Office After


Office Upgrade Collage

  • I posted my “100 Great Authors” and “1984” posters along with my June 5th “The Fault in Our Stars” premiere sign.
  • I rearranged some of my furniture so that it would accommodate the additional space that was earned after donating our mattress to St. Vincent’s.
  • The desk was moved from the side wall to the center of the room.  I will be working with my mom to make a room-darkening curtain to tone down the glare from the sun on my computer screen.
  • I have two “Dumpster Finds” in my room as well: the first is my black coffee table that now houses my dad’s old toolbox and TV, and the other are two trays that I painted off-white and are sitting on the top shelves of the bookcases.

Ultimately, I am in love with my new space.  I have spent many hours putzing with my curriculum planning ideas and reading in my grandfather’s orange chair from the 60s.  In total, after buying lumber, paint, two bookshelves, and supplies, I would say that this room transformation came in around at $450.  I feel like an episode of Trading Spaces.


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