Office Project 2014 Part I

I’m proud to say that my absence has not be due to overwhelming amounts of research/writing/editing for a masters course or hampering bodily damage due to an over-exercised ugly cry reflex during “The Fault in Our Stars” viewings, but because I have been spending the first four weeks of my summer vacation both enjoying the Florida sun with my family and revamping my home office.

Beach Collage

My sisters brought their beautiful daughters down to Florida for a vacation to the beach and Dan and I were more than happy to accommodate their every wish to spend time at the beach and our pool.  All four girls had a wonderful time, and I’m convinced that my sisters, along with all caretakers of small children, deserve both a Medal for Bravery and sainthood.  It was a mere four-day visit, but I am still reeling over the amount of energy that was expended, both mentally and physically, to keep up with my nieces.

Office Project 2014

What started off as a desire to add more shelving to the accordion-doored closet in my office turned into a complete upgrade.  I am saddened to say that I did not do a very good job of taking before pictures of the office in general, but I will do my best to demonstrate the Before and Afters.

Office Before

Closet Before

I had a vision in my mind as to what I wanted this closet to look like and its functionality capabilities.  After sketching out a few ideas, I shared them with my dad, a licensed contractor in his previous life in Michigan, and we headed off to Home Depot for our necessary supplies.  In addition to paint, rollers, and screws, we would need to buy the lumber that would be turned into shelves.



Growing up with a father who owned a pole barn that, to a five year old, dwarfed our house, filled up multiple-purposed saws, drills, and other power tools, made this project something that was familiar, but my role in it was new.  I had helped my dad in the past with various stages of projects depending upon both my abilities and the probability of me cutting off body parts if left up to my own devices.  My dad is a very patient teacher, and I am still learning, but I am proud to say that I found a niche in wood working.

After painting the inside of the closet and the Home Depot-cut shelves, it was time for installation.  This proved to be a bit tricky because I requested that they be the full length of the closet.  In addition to having to be finessed into place, the sheer length of the shelves would require a support to be added underneath.  I chose a wooden curtain rod that was cut into appropriately sized pieces and installed them once the shelves were in place.  All that was needed now were the possessions to fill the shelves.

Closet After 3

Closet Upgrade Collage

I’m extremely proud of this project and I cannot wait to share with you the second phase to the upgrade!


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