Immersion Essay Project

Yesterday, my students presented their final projects for our nonfiction unit.  I described this unit which was based upon Barbara Ehrenreich’s nonfiction novel, Nickel and Dimed; On (Not) Getting By in America, in an earlier post.  The culminating project included an immersion essay and presentation.  Below are the Immersion Essay requirements:

Immersion Essay Requirements



  • Typed
  • Double Spaced
  • Size 12 , Times New Roman


For your Immersion Essay that is due on Monday, April 28th, you must address the following questions in each of the three sections.


1. What is your topic/experience?

2. Why did you choose this specific thing – not because Mrs. Ferrari told you or you didn’t know what else to do.

3. What equipment or support will you need in order to complete this experience?

4. What are you expectations?

5. What are your goals?


Write three journal-style entries:

*Just before you begin – what do you feel, anything that might have changed? 

*In the middle of the experience – feelings, describe what is happening

*Just before it’s completed – feelings, describe what is happening


1. Summarize what happened, both literally and how you feel now that the experience is over.

2. What went according to your plan? What changed? Why did things change?

3. Did you meet your goal and expectations? Why or why not?

4 What did you learn from this experience – this needs to be its own paragraph!

I was incredibly impressed with the results of this assignment, and I wanted to share one of the projects that was submitted.  The student below chose to go without technology for a certain amount of time.  It ultimately ended up being presented in an sarcastic tone because this student does not rely on technology, except for making the video you’re about it see…

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