Dreams Say the Darndest Things

Last night I had a dream that I was a participant in an outdoor Battle Royal.  If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it probably means that you’re far more cultured than I am, but also that it is the professional match in which 20 or 30 wrestlers start out in the ring at once.  Elimination pending on being thrown out of the ring, over the top rope, and landing with both feet onto the floor.  As you can imagine, the concept is very intriguing, but the execution is complex.  One must always be watching their backs because while you are dealing with Opponent A, Opponent B, C, D, & J can be sneaking behind you to throw you out.  It can be all-consuming and quite overwhelming if you don’t approach it with great strategy.

So when I woke up from this vivid dream, I tried to collect as many details as possible.  First of all, the traditional Battle Royal obviously takes place in a wrestling ring; mine took place outside in the middle of a wooded cove.

tumblr_mrdqufmPQ21sa24tdo1_500tumblr_n01o3e7dZG1qmrflko6_250Obviously more than a slight difference in atmosphere.  Also, space was not an issue in my dream.  I quite clearly remember being able to walk around for several yards without even coming into contact with another person.  It was a bit like Katniss’ exploration into the forest in The Hunger Games.  Additionally, I wasn’t fighting against a single gender; both males and females were present.  Most of my opponents were larger than I was, but I definitely identified with smaller, weaker people of both genders.

There was not much legitimate battling, but I do recall that I was able to address a few opponents, many of them larger in size and greater in strength than I am, and was successful at eliminating them.  In fact, one man that I defeated actually had a walking cast on the second time that he appeared in my dream.  Yea me for causing permanent damage.

When I woke up and started to reflect upon what small semblance of meaning that this dream could have conjured up, I didn’t come to any immediate conclusions.  Then I began to draw the connection between the purpose of a Battle Royal: to eliminate your opponents, sometimes single-handedly, and sometimes with assistance from others, alliance-based or happenstance.  What could the opponents represent to me on a grander scale?

  • Literal opponents – people who cause my grief and strife?
  • The stresses that I deal with in life – making unpopular decisions, balance my personal and professional life, etc.
  • Negative thoughts that could consume me if not addressed and reflected upon, eliminating them before they overtake me?
  • Responsibilities that I know I must take on and accept?

Why not any of these?  Why not all of these?

The message that I took away from my bizarre dream was not that I can be easily overwhelmed and consumed by the above-mentioned factors, but that I can address each and every one of them if I approach the situation with a strategy, but also not closing myself off to the support from the people in my life.  I should not close doors to people who may not seem to be my ally because you never know when they could come in handy.  It also taught me to address each area of concern individually because there is no way that I can be successful if I allow them to attack all at once.

Sometimes dreams or messages come in the most bizarre and obtuse forms, but the message was crystal clear.

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