Students Giving Back

I have to give a MASSIVE shout out to my students, colleagues, and friends who have been recognized for their community service contributions at the Southeast Conference’s session of PeaceJam. They were awarded the the Southeast Activism Award from the Peace Jam Foundation at Florida State University for their work bringing attention to and protesting against the abusive work conditions of the migrant farm workers in the tomato fields of South Florida, partnering with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and the Student Farmworker Alliance.

Here is a video that a student created to spotlight the work that they have done.


It was tweeted out by Sarah Clements, another young person who has made it their mission to make this world a better place by addressing the issue of gun violence through legislation and cultural changes.  Her mother is a survivor of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, and is using this tragedy to inspire and spark a change for the better.


Below is the link to the 20 minute video that the students created that feature the background and importance of their work:

Want to know more about PeaceJam?

The PeaceJam Program:

  • Sparks commitment to justice and peace
  • Builds cross-cultural understanding
  • Increases social responsibility
  • Increases global awareness
  • Increases academic performance
  • Provides positive role models
  • Engages students in service-learning



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