Day One of Limited Negativity

“So, how did your first day of going negativity-free go?”


Ok, so I knew that it was going to a challenge to remove negativity in my life because there’s only one thing that I can control in this world and that’s my reaction to those negative impulses.  So here’s a few areas that tried to trip me up today:

  • A student asked for the directions that I just gave, literally 10 seconds before his hand went up.


  • I was stirring up the fruit from the bottom of my yogurt and some splashed on my black skirt.


  • I entered over 45 test scores in my online grade book and forgot to hit “Save”


Now, in each of those scenarios, and granted some were more “important” than others, I would have let a piece of my Joy crumble off and lay trembling on the ground, waiting to be stomped on and unceremoniously discarded in the trash by the night custodians.  But, tis Lent time, so I say, “Nay, nay! Pull up those big girl panties and move forward, Love!”


Three things that I reminded myself of when I felt like flipping over a desk:


1.  Is this situation/problem/person worth giving away my power – AKA my Joy?

2.  Will this be a problem in 5 minutes?  5 hours?  5 days?  5 weeks?

3.  What will be the results of my down-turned mood/negative reaction?

Granted, by the time I answered these three questions in my mind, the problem didn’t seem nearly that grand and my yogurt stain set in reasonable mind took over.

So I would say that Day One of Project Let It Go was a success!



3 thoughts on “Day One of Limited Negativity

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