Feeling Better in the Most Odd Way

This story that I must tell you about is completely random and really has nothing to do with literature, YA Lit, or anything directly related to English curriculum.  This is a conversation between myself and one of my students, an 11th grader whom I have only known since the beginning of this school year.  Let’s call her Sadie.  My husband, the AP US and European teacher at our school, taught Sadie last year, so at this point, we all know each other pretty well as far as the teacher-student relationship goes.  Sadie came into my room to eat her lunch, as she and about 10 other students do on a regular basis, and informed me that she had to tell me about a dream she had last night.

“So last night I had a dream that you and Mr. Ferrari got a divorce.  It made me sad because it meant that I’m going to have to choose which one of to go with.”

With a puzzled look I asked her why would she have to choose, to which she reminded me that that’s what you do when your parents get divorced.

Said went on to explain that her dream made her really stop and think about which of us would actually go with if we got a divorce, “because I think of you two as my parents when I’m at school.”


Sadie’s best friend popped up and said, “If Mr. and Mrs. Ferrari broke up and we had to choose, I’d pick Mrs. Ferrari because Mr. Ferrari would make me sleep on the floor and feed me kibble.”


Another student said that they would choose me because I let them eat their lunch in my room and don’t ask them to give me Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups like Mr. Ferrari.

The other reasons why “I would win” were:

  • I’ve known Mrs. Ferrari longer
  • She’s not as mean as Mr. Ferrari
  • Mrs. Ferrari would have salad in the house
  • Mrs. Ferrari would have a better library than Mr. Ferrari (it’s true)




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