After working endlessly for the past two years, last night I submitted my Capstone project for my master’s degree!



So what are my plans with all my extra time?  Technically I have to defend my thesis and two more classes before I graduate with my new degree, but let me tell you that life will be a WHOLE lot less stressful.

#1 Priority: Getting a stronger grasp on my lesson planning and thematic theme development at school.  I’ve also recently taken on the middle school as part of my department head duties.  At one point my administration decided to split the duties between two teachers, but my colleague recently submitted her two-week notice, so here I am, FULL Department Head.

#2 Priority: Reconnect with people.  I feel as though I have been under a rock lately, barely enough time and energy to socialize.  This also includes my much-neglected Twitter PLC


#3 Priority: READ READ READ!




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