A New Year Has Begun

One week into the new school year and I have to stop myself to count that we have 175 more days to go until summer vacation.  This isn’t a sign that I don’t like my job/kids/administration/getting up in the morning.  It simply means that I’m even more keenly aware of the short amount of time that I have for the 2013-14 school year.  I know, I really should be studied by professionals to detect what keeps me just as excited and optimistic at the beginning of my 8th year of teaching as my first.

I made the swift change from 9th grade English to 11th/Creative Writing/AP Language and Composition, and while I do miss the content of my former grade level, I cannot begin to tell you the thrill that it is to work with the older students.  AP keeps me humble; Creative Writing requires me to stay playful and flexible; 11th grade American Lit keeps me grounded.

Here are some photos from my new classroom.








The big strip of white surrounded by blue that is hanging on my wall is our QUOTE ME board. I covered it in contact paper so that you can write on it with dry-erase markers and erase.




In other news, I have found some amazing pictures of vintage-style ads for modern social media on Bookoisseur’s Tumblr page.







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