The Last Week of Summer

If you’re an educator, you know that the last week before heading back to school is a treasured timed.  I’ve been attempting to cross off a few more of the tasks that I designated for the summer of 2013; 75% of them will be done this week.  Even though I had almost ten weeks to be productive, this week will be the most intensive of them all.  Granted, I found out only two weeks ago that I would be switching from 9th grade to 11th grade English, but that urgency didn’t truly create a panic or accelerated pace in my attack of the things left until the last moment.


In the past 5  days I have accomplished the following:

  • Created the AP Language and Composition syllabus
  • Created the 11th Grade American Lit syllabus
  • Created the Creative Writing syllabus
  • Outlined the first three weeks of lesson plans for all three courses
  • Paced out the first semester for all three courses

Five items on a to-do list may not seem that impressive to some people, but educators know the depth to which each of those bullet points dive into time, paperwork, and sanity.

I am embarking on a new approach to student-led instruction/research with the implementation of Genius Hour. I am a first-year AP teacher, and my inventive/outside-of-the-box side will be supplemented through my Creative Writing classes.  I can honestly say that I am ready for this school year to begin despite all of the changes and the anxiety that comes with it.


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