First Quarter Planning Done


What you’re seeing is a snapshot of how my brain works.  This is the new millennium; technology is everywhere we turn and apps to organize, define, collaborate on, and display information are being churned out at a rapid pace.  But for me, and the way that I create best, I need a heavy dose of visual along with tactile stimulation.  Colored painter’s tape, oversized notecards, and Sharpie markers facilitated my 2013 year-long planning chart.

After several days of researching, tweaking, and scratching out then tossing away ideas on pads of paper, I was able to outline the nuts and bolts of the first quarter of the school year:


  • Literature
  • Figure Language/Literary Elements
  • Writing terms
  • Characters & Characterization
  • The short stories, autobiography, and nonfiction texts
  • Writing format: Narrative
  • Genius Hour introduction
  • Speaking & Listening activities: Symbol of Me & Classroom Debates

It may not be the most conventional approach to planning, but I hope nobody ever calls me a conventional teacher.

6 thoughts on “First Quarter Planning Done

  1. Amanda, this is awesome! I find that no matter how tech-savvy and inundated I get, going analog helps with the process of moving from brainstorming to true planning and organization. Thanks for sharing your analog method!

  2. Awesome! No matter how crazy it looks to other people, it’s really important to find the best way to keep your head in the right place, and all info properly filed and organized. For me, while in university, it was very detailed spreadsheets. My spreadsheet included EVERYTHING. Class time, transit time, gym time, meal time, study time, break time… I literally sent it to my parents so they’d know when they were allowed to call me. Yeah. I’m one of THOSE. Haha.

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