ELA Genius Hour Google Hangout #1

This morning I participated in my very first Google Hangout chat session.  I’ve Skyped plenty of times with my sisters and parents, but this was different.  I have never collaborated with any colleagues outside of Twitter Chats, so it was nice to be able to put faces with Twitter handles.

This was an introductory chat session allowing for us newbies to ask questions and get feedback several aspects of implementing and outlining our expectations of Genius Hour.  We made plans to meetup once a month to check in with each other as a way to update on our classes’ Genius Hours, bounce ideas off one another, and collaborate.

Thank you so much to @JoyKirr, @msespowalker, @BHomel1, @JillienLakatta, and @caggee for an informative and icebreaking chat to day!

PS – Let me know if I drink too much from my water glass. I had fears I would look like Marco Rubio, the post State of the Union Address Water Bottle-Gate fiasco!

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